Lynne HammondAbout Us

We are David and Lynne Hammond, an English-couple who moved to Burgundy in 2003. Our business, Bringing Burgundy To You, draws on our deep knowledge of this world-renowned region, its wines and winegrowers.

Bringing Burgundy To You does exactly what it says – we bring Burgundy to you wherever you may be through wine tasting events and an online wine shop.

Living in the heart of Burgundy, we have built close relationships with the independent, family winegrowers who make great wine with heartfelt passion. As part of the wine community all year, every year we know the growers, their families, vineyards and how they produce their wine. They say we are their Ambassadors in the wider world and many we are proud to call friends.

Lynne HammondWe bring our passion, expertise and knowledge to create for you a unique wine tasting event or guide your selection of wines to drink now or lay down whatever your budget. Lynne holds the “Diplôme professional d’analyse sensorielle des vins de Bourgogne” from Beaune’s prestigious Ecole des Vins de Bourgogne.

Lynne is also a trained cook and through our Cook In Burgundy activity we offer personal, hands-on Cooking Classes. Please visit

We seek associates and collaborators in France and beyond to share our passion by working together on wine tasting events and wine and food weekends.

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